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An image depiction of Content is King, using the king Pawn In chess.
King Pawn depiction of Content is King.

Unlike the last couple of years as SEO has continued to evolve, Right now, Content Marketing is one of the best techniques to leverage when it comes to organic SEO.

Content Marketing is the marketing approach that involves developing resourceful, relevant and consistent website content .

Including Content marketing can do so much for your business by giving you an exposure for your brand, giving you the opportunity to tell your business story and convert your new audiences to potential customers.

You can publish any content that you would like on your website. However with good strategy you will realize that some content stands a better chance of getting noticed and getting ranked by Google.  

In this article, we will break down the types of content that work best especially for Search Engine Optimization.

Authoritative Blog Posts.

Authoritative blog posts are articles that educate and demonstrate subject expertise. So if you are running a business on Online shopping,  great authoritative podcasts ideas could be educational podcasts that talk more about stuff within your creative niche.

Screen Shot 2021 10 13 at 3.00.42 PM

Ensure that you write your blog posts in a creative way that your readers will find engaging.



Create long blog posts keeping in mind that they actually perform better in Google. You want to aim for about 1000 words per page or blog post but also ensure to uphold the quality of your content.

Sometimes what you are writing about would require a direct answer in a few words. In that case having a long contnet may not be of use.

Screen Shot 2021 10 13 at 3.07.45 PM


Use a friendly personalized tone when writing. Use words like “you”, “we” instead of phrases like” one “ a person”. You want to always write as if you are speaking directly to your customer.

This comes in handy expecially in personalization. You want to make the reader feel that you are doing it with them in mind.

Simple Words.

The easier your content is to read, the better for the person that is going through your authoritative content.

Dumbing it down will actually do you good, because you don’t want someone to come to your webpage and have to leave to check the meaning of a word that you have used on your blog post.

This could ruin a potential conversion. In the case where you may have used a hard word, ensure that you give a meaning. Or provide an internal linking to the page where you talk about it indepth.

Unique Content. 

Ensure that you create unique content, by not copying it from other websites even if they are your websites. This could affect your ranking.

Ensure that you give credit when you quote someone and or provide a backlink back to that website . It could actually help to build your relevance.

Call To Action.

At the end of every authoritative blog post you need to include a call to action, especially if the content that you have put up was educational.

The visitor will definitely want to know what the next step would be.  A call to action could include them getting your product or service or merely signing up for a weekly newsletter.

A call to action to share an article and leave a comment on gesales.africa
Call to action Example.


Many people want a quick walk through the internet finding what they need and information that they can process easily. Infographics do the work perfectly as they are snapshots of information that would have taken many words to express.

Fun Fact is that readers will likely share infographics more than they would an article.


KeyWord Research still Matters;

Like any other piece of content you need to keep in mind that optimizing it correctly will improve your rankings on the internet. With Infographics ensure that you carry out your keyword research and optimize for a particular keyword.  Like every other Headers, ensure that your Keyword appears at the top of the Heading and flows organically within the rest of your infographic.

Naming Your Infographic.

Google can’t actually read the contents of your Infographic. It can however read the title of your Infographic so ensure that you input a Keyword within your file name.

Here is an example of a well named Infographic.

The rest of the practices like Meta Descriptions, Alt tags, Optimizing your Header applies just like every other normal blog post.

Don’t Know where to find templates to start creating Infographics? Here are some free tools.

Video Content.

Recent studies have shown that videos actually make up a lot of media consumption and web traffic today. This is likely because they are more engaging than any article or infographic could possibly be. The future of video content according to experts is that it may account for 80% of all web traffic in the near future.

You can optimize your video content for it to rank well within SERPs. Video Content by businesses can be used to boost the number of viewers, drive traffic to paid video content and target specific keywords even more.



Use a compelling title for all your videos. Include any relevant keywords within the title, but also ensure that they fit organically. 

Your title should also attract viewers to click on your video, but do not create click bait titles to avoid losing the audience that you may have already created.


Always take your time to write a good description of  what your video is about. This should include the topic of your video, links to other videos that you may have included within your video and the bios of anyone that is included in the video that could be relevant. Do not forget to organically include keywords.


Like Infographics and articles, you need to also ensure that your content is A1 when it comes to video content. 

Experts say that to win in video content, you want to ensure that the first 15 seconds of your video is so good it hooks the person that’s watching it.

The metrics that affect your ranking as far as videos are.

  1. Watch time and session time
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Viewer retention
  • Other engagement metrics

d)     THUMB NAIL.

Everyone wants to feel compelled to click on a video without having to read the title. 

Using a compelling thumbnail image can actually increase traffic and conversions.

It improves user friendliness which you and I know is important in seo.

Here are some thumbnails that you can use when creating content for your videos.



A general SEO tip when it comes to videos is that you should put one video per landing page. This is because SERPs will typically show the very first video on any web page.


Listicles are another word for list content. People will usually tend to gravitate towards reading articles that come with a numbered list. They are generally easier to read and they imply simplicity,

Here is a link to how you can make the best listicles.


Trending Content

Trending topics do not last, but they are a way to leverage on creating content that could make you rank and possibly have high seasonal conversion rates. You can leverage on trending content to maybe launch  a new product in the market or promote an existing one. 

With this kind of content you will want to ensure that you do your research on short fresh keywords that are trending while that story or topic is trending.

You can also decide to see News Jack when it comes to trending content. News Jacking is the tactic of putting yourself at the center of a big story and talking about it and giving your opinion on the relevance to your brand.

There are lots of benefits to creating newsjacking content:

  • You can get your name and content into a larger audience than you might normally 
  • You get to show some expertise and thought leadership
  • You can showcase your website and/or brand as the place to go for newsworthy industry updates.


Content Marketing is still the best way to organically attract, engage and retain an audience. You just need to identify which relevant content will work for  your business .

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