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now structured data markup with examples

enough with the dragon now i’m gonna get

into the real examples that i’ve been

showing you and show you how to get the


show you how to write the codes and show

you how to put them into your website so

that you can

benefit from marking up your content

the first one we’re gonna do is products

because i know

ecommerce products are very important

so for example i type this keyword

and i looked at these results you can

see those

guys have products here and services so

this one will work for

products and services it doesn’t matter

which one you are selling so long as

you’re selling something whether it’s a

product or service that’s what will work

for you

so i’m interested in this website

because i’m saying they have ratings


so if you want such kind of ratings on

your website this is how

you do to achieve them because you can

see the rest of the

websites have no ratings only this guy

is implemented this

and i’m sure it’s working for him

because he doesn’t have to be ranking

number one for this keyword

because if somebody searches that

keyword they’ll scroll

most of the guys scroll to see something


maybe a discount like these guys had

a prize a discount or maybe something

like ratings

if you see these five stars you’re sure

these guys must be legit

and they must be very professional and

high quality

service so how do you get such kind of

ratings what you do

come to this take this url

i’ll copy that and then i’m going to go

to our website

a free tool from google called


structured data test

tool we want to test and see

what data structure data markup is

available on that page

so when you hit that it will bring you

to this one here

test your structured data so if you have

your code pre-written you can come

and press it here and see how it should

be manipulated

but now here we want to see what is

implemented on this page

so we’re going to run a test this will

take you a few seconds

so on this other end is the html

a code of the website and this other

page is their structured data type

so you can see its product this is a

product data type that they have


and then here it shows you warnings and

errors errors are the mistakes

of the code but wordings are what you

haven’t yet

submitted you can see they have only

provided okay the type is product

the name is is a writing service a good


that is the type that they’re


and the rating value is 4.8 out of a

count of 47 reviews

so what they have left out is their

brand a description

image offers review sku

mostly is very important if it is a

product and a global identifier

a mpn so you don’t have to mark up

everything but if you feed more


it will be better for you because google

be able to understand more and give it

to them for example if you are selling

maybe something like a mobile phone

you may want to add an image there you

know for this service you can’t add an


because it’s a service builder product

so for a product you might need to add

an image if you have offers for the


you need to include that and also other

reviews on the sku of the product and

the mpn so that you can under identify

and even the brand if it is samsung

i apple so that somebody can really

understand more

so you don’t have to feel all of this

but if you

if you need to get more information to

your users you should need to feel this


so they have implemented here and you

can also see in their website where they

have added it

so they used google tag manager

to implement it

into the code here so i’ll be able to

show you

how to come up with these later on for


once and just to show how to get this


so how do you get this code for you to

get this code you go to schema.lg

because this is the basis

of all we are doing so once you’re at

schema we get the different kinds of

schemas that they have here

then we search for product click product

once you have a product here it will

show you the properties

the properties that you need to fill so

on this other end is the properties

to fill here so it could be the audience

a word

broad the different kinds that you need

for this case

and then also the next thing is expected

to type what they expect to see

they are here there are the definitions

of this once we don’t understand more

just comment the definition they’ll be

able to understand so if you spend more

time here you understand this

and they have done a better job because

if you go down here

they are giving you examples of how they

look like

so for example these how the code should

look like

in in your your html code will look like


markup and if you decide to implement

micro data

this how it will look like if you decide

to implement rdfa

this is how it will look like and if you

decide to implement json ld

this is how it will look like so json ld

is the best type

it is the best that you’re gonna use for

these examples so you can just copy


and edit it i take out what is not

really like here you can add

you can leave the context leave the type

then add the url the url that you did

add it there then the number of items on

that page

the number of items you added there yeah

then you come here to the

exact element now the type is product

the image of your product you add it


then the url the url of that product

then the brand the name the name the


you can add it here then offers do you

have any offers

add offer type the price is there

so you can do that if you have more

products just come and

copy this from this point here


and do the same for another product

implement it there so once you have done


you need to test if it is working


so for you to know if it is working

properly you come and copy it

copy that code then go to the setup

showed you

structured data testing tool and we do a

new test

called snippet because this is the code

that we have paste it here

then you run a test

so if you run the test you’ll realize it

has some errors

you realize some errors so we’ve got

some four errors

the first one here is the position a

value position is required

have here type

is required then another one here the

value of the position field

yeah because here they were just showing

you examples so if you decide to take

these out

and then maybe add another element

let’s say we copy that

copy that then we add it here

then let me just take the all of it the

new code

that you have then you test

run a test you’ll realize

there’s some bits missing

so there is some closing tag somewhere


let me add that so you can do a lot of

manipulations here until you get it


that is why we did really test all these

so you can see it’s getting better

though we have some warnings what is

getting better

so you have to do this until you get the

code right

until you get the code right then you

implement it on your site

so that isn’t the only type of product

markup that you have

that is just one type you can see here

there’s another example

like if you want to add a description

and maybe stars

ratings and reviews or talking about it

so come to json click on that

you can see here there are more things

added to a

code there is a review section here for

the ratings

yes from here

review so review type because it is

review type

if you go up up here it shows you what

they can accept aggregate rating

it’s here that is what they added you

can even add category so just depending

on what you want

you can come and add to your code

yeah this is the aggregate rating there

is a review

this section here

you can see this these are review what

lucas said about the product

is added there so you can do a lot of

manipulations this is another one

maybe you can see what types do they

have here

they have image

they have image type there and other

things so you can use these

as much as you want so but every time

you create a code

make sure it works well and come and

test it here at the social data type


and if it works okay you go and

implement it

to your website so that was product

data markup so i’ll need to do an

examples for this and see how they are

coming up

and add it to the discussion area and

maybe tell us what was your experience

and let’s see how your code works in the


coming days

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