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If you are a local business, it is to your advantage to leverage the use of maps to market your business. As I had earlier mentioned, most business transactions begins with a simple search.

If the search is location based, then the first result in search is probably a map location. And since 70% of all searches happens on a mobile phone, they will have call action button waiting for them to dial your business.

Lets say for example, you are looking for kitchen hoods in Nairobi.

Google maps
Google maps

You will notice that the maps come in handy. You will notice that Newmatic is ranking for most of the local searches related to their products. You can see this SEO for Kitchen Appliances case study.

Without further ado, let me show you how to use Google Maps for marketing your local business.

Google My Business (GMB)

To start Local business marketing, you must be listed in Google directory. To make this possible, Google has provided a free listing platform for any small, medium or large business.

Go ahead and use your Gmail account to signup on Google My Business. If you are using your phone then go ahead to play store and download the app.

Google My Business Sign Up
Google My Business Sign Up

It is important that you have your business name, phone number, physical address and website. Remember that this is the beginning of your online branding journey. Therefore this information should be as accurate as possible.

Apart from being accurate, you should use the same information everywhere else on the internet. This is crucial if you want Google to understand that all these are the same entities.

Fill Up Information Thoroughly

The most successful Google maps marketing platforms have a lot of business information filled. The more the information given, the better Google understands what goes on at that location.

Check out the slots provided in the Google My Business platform.

Google My Business Dashboard
Google My Business Dashboard

When you check out the dashboard to the left of the page, you will see a number of items on the list. Most of them will be the same as the one above apart from some sections such as menu, food ordering etc, which is customized for your typoe of business.

I would start with the info area. In this section, you should fill out all the information related to your business as much as possible.

Google my business optimization

You want to fill in all category sections that relate to your business. This will help with relevance in terms of user intent.

Like you can see about, I inserted a lot of categories for the bar and restaurant. For the bar and restaurants, the relevant categories include bar &grill, bar, beer store, wine store etc.

showing maps results for 'beer delivery'

In the image above, the website ranks first for the keyword ‘Beer delivery’ . That is a clear indication that the categories selected when filling up the info is important for search engines.

Go ahead and include info about all sections.

  • Address,
  • Service Areas,
  • Time,
  • Phone Number
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