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Marketing strategy for kitchen appliances is not complete if it does not include search engine optimization.

Most of the time, to sell appliances one would need to set up a showroom to showcase the products to consumers. 

In Kenya the major players in the Kitchen appliance industry includes, Newmatic, Bosch, Ramtons, Hotpoint, Philips and many more.

To succeed in this industry you should therefore be seen as an authority in your niche and provide high quality products.

Why SEO for Kitchen Appliances

The main way of marketing kitchen appliances is via educating your audience. You should make sure that your customers understand why your product is the best.

As I was working with this leading built in appliance company, I learned why their products are the best in the country.

Their highly trained staff was able to demonstrate at least why 30% of their appliances were different from the others in the market.

They showed the difference in the material, functioning and durability of their appliances. I figured that these are some of the information that customers need to know to help them make decisions in their buying journey.

There is no better place to showcase your product information than on;

  • a website,
  • blog
  • or product page.

To do this successfully and find clients who are willing to buy your products is through search engine optimization. Search Marketing still accounts for 70% of online sales.

Newmatic Case Study

Newmatic website was already appearing on the first page for some keywords when we began the project. However, they needed to establish themselves as the authority in Kitchen Appliance online. 

showing newmatic organic traffic, organic keywords, domain authority and number of backlinks

To design an SEO strategy for Newmatic Kitchen Appliances, we had to audit their website and check out their greatest competition.

At the time the biggest competition online was hotpoint and bosch. Infact, Hotpoint appeared in the first position for almost all kitchen appliance related keywords.

showing top kitchen appliances in kenya

Keyword Research

We started by finding out how people who come to search engines were finding the hotpoint website.

Hotpoint Kitchen Appliances Kenyword Rankings
Hotpoint Kitchen Appliances Kenyword Rankings

We quickly figured out that we better focus on optimizing for keywords that were already sending traffic to their website and other competition to quickly increase online traffic.

showing keywords that newmatic.shop is ranking for from ubbersuggest tool

In about a week, we were able to come up with content that educates around the keywords extracted. I would love to mention that keyword research is the foundation of any successful SEO strategy.

Keyword Research Tools

There are free and paid tools that one can use to come up with keywords.

If you are not having a huge budget, it would be advisable to use free tools in the beginning as you scale. Even the premium tools sometimes offer a free trial for a limited time.

Here are some free keyword tools to help kickstart your SEO with zero investment:

  • 1. Google Trends;
  • 2. Keyword Generator;
  • 3. Keyword Sheeter;
  • 4. Answer the Public;
  • 5. Keyword Surfer;
  • 6. Keyworddit;
  • 7. Google Search Console;
  • 8. Questiondb;
  • 9.Bulk Keyword Generator;
  • 10. Google
showing keyword ideas by Google
showing keyword ideas by Google

On Page Optimization

On page optimization refers to the adjustments done on the website to make it Google friendly. Remember that your pages should not only be great in the eyes of Google but also helpful for users.

To achieve this, your pages should be loading super fast, have the right information, call to action and overall page structure. In short, the pages you send your users must be solving the visitors query quickly.

Eccommerce Category Pages

In the case of Newmatic, we noted that category pages are one of the most important sections of the website. This is because that is where they showcase their products.

In fact, when we looked at Hotpoint’s website, most of the number one positions were held by category pages.

Showing hotpoint category pages ranking on the first page
Showing hotpoint category pages ranking on the first page

The same was the case for all other websites appearing on the first page for the keywords we had identified.

We therefore made the category pages more available to the users when they visited the website by providing them right on the top menu.

Showing Newmatic's menus and categories
Showing Newmatic’s menus and categories

This is not only important to have them found by visitors, but also search engine bots. These crawlers will lay more emphasis on the hyperlinks that they find on top menus and homepage.

Featured Products

In the event that you are having a featured product that you would want to lay more emphasis on, then it would be wise to have it on the homepage and not inner pages that may not be found. Google’s crawling budget on each website is quite limited and you would want to have the most important parts of your website crawled often.

Speed Optimization

showing gtmetrix load speed results for Newmatic.shop
showing gtmetrix load speed results for Newmatic.shop

Speed turns out to be an important factor for SEO 2021 and beyond. In fact since the beginning of the year, most of the algorithm updates conducted by Google had a lot to do with speed. 

As a Kitchen Appliance website, there are obviously many images that display the products. This would lead to a delay in loading the largest element of the website. In the case of Newmatic, we employed various strategies to help with this.

Browser Image Lazy Loading

The first thing we did was allow image lazy loading.  This means that the text and colour on the page will load first followed by the heavy element. This a good user experience practice as the visitor does not have to wonder why they are seeing a blank page for a long time. This will also prevent them from leaving the blank page.

Reduce Image size

The next thing we did is reduce the sizes of the images using compression tools. You should be careful when using tools to reduce the size of the images. Some tools may reduce the quality of the images, which is not what we want.

showing how to reduce images with tinypng
showing how to reduce images with tinypng

The may selling point in KItchen appliances is having great quality images that show exactly how your products look. Great pictures also make your website look nice and unique.

Install a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Another thing we did is use a CDN to make sure that your website content is stored in a server near your user. This way the internet is able to provide the contents faster. This because critical as most hosting companies are usually based in the USA.

If you want to serve users in Nairobi Kenya, like Newmatic, you would want to have website content being provided from servers in Nairobi. That is exactly how a CDN works. It leaves a copy of your content in a server near the user for faster downloads.

The Best CDN Providers

  • StackPath.
  • Sucuri.
  • Cloudflare.
  • KeyCDN.
  • Rackspace.
  • Google Cloud CDN.
  • CacheFly.
  • Amazon CloudFront.


Like I had mentioned in the beginning of this case study, the only way people are gonna see your kitchen appliances as the best in your industry is if you educate them. You educate your users by creating helpful articles, infographics, videos and many more. In the kitchen appliances industry, the main type of content would be images, articles and videos.

What we did with Newmatic is found gaps in the industry. We figured out that the entry point of the kitchen appliances industry is the kitchen. People think about kitchen designs before they think about appliances.

showing the first result for 'kitchen designs in kenya'

So after keyword research we settled on creating a blog on ‘kitchen designs in Kenya’. Although to some people this would not be a keyword that directly leads to the purchase of kitchen appliances, this would bring the most amount of traffic to their website. 

We embarked on  creating a blog that focused on 200 different types of kitchen designs that people would love to see in their modern homes. The article was and is still better than any other you will find on the internet. After publishing, the article took just 3 months to reach the top of Google. I would like to mention that this is the page that drives in the most traffic to their website till today.

For blogging to be quite successful, you will need to use social media to distribute your content. In the kitchen appliances industry, the main platforms would be Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Pinterest is the most underrated of the 3. I used it to help us send more traffic to the new blogs and categories. It works like a charm as Pinterest if well optimised can rank on the first pages of Google.

Maps Optimization

The fact that you are in the Kitchen appliances business, you would want people to visit your showrooms and view your products. That is how map optimization comes in. 

You will need to have a free Google my business optimization set up and verified. Once this is ready you will need to fill out your business information entirely. In the case of Kitchen Appliances, you will need to upload all your products and categories. This is very important if you want to appear on the maps when your products are searched.

Remember to take awesome pictures of your business location. If you have more than one business location, make sure that you do an independent listing for all the locations. Upload the pictures of the interior exterior and front of your kitchen showrooms.

Link Building

To some SEOs this is their most important strategy. However, for us, this is usually the last thing. You need links to make your website more authoritative. However, you should realise that no one wants to link to mediocre content.

In the case of Newmatic, We started a link building strategy in the third month. This was after we had cleaned up the site and made awesome content.

We wanted to rank better in the maps and also organically. So we wanted to have links coming from localsites , international sites and authoritative ones. Therefore we built the following types of links in the beginning;

  • Social Media Profiles. This is helpful in building branded links that have company information and go directly to the homepages. These links also help in building site authority. Do not be tempted to use exact match keywords on these as it will raise a red flag.
  • Business Listings. This is helpful in local map optimization. It builds location relevance as you will be able to fill out your brand name, location , product category, product descriptions, and images. We checked out where the competition is listed, and made sure the Newmatic is Listed too. We made sure that all locations are listed too.
  • Interior Designers Outreach. We reached out to local interior design companies to mention our blogs on their website. This was quite a success as many of them loved our blog on kitchen design collection. It managed to get a lot of backlinks that eventually drove it to the first page of Google.
Screen Shot 2021 10 06 at 2.01.12 PM


Coming to the end of this case study, I hope you have understood how search engine optimization can help you scale your Kitchen appliance business. What I love most about SEO is that you will be getting clients based on intent. That is clients will be coming across your website when they need to find your products.

This is a sure way to scale your business especially if you are having a small budget and need to beat big players in the market. In our case with Newmatic, we did not have a very huge budget for SEO. 

For many Kenyan Appliance businesses, all they do is build a website and wait for people to visit which they never do. That is the case of 70% of business owners who come to us for help in marketing.

Now, do you have a kitchen appliance business that you want us to grow? Do not hesitate to call us.

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