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Toys business is Kenya is great. Parents love showing their loved ones with the latest toys. All you need to do is make the toys available for consumers who are continually looking for where to make a purchase of these toys.

So why should you do search optimization for your local toy store?

There are three main benefits for toy stores in Kenya to seriously consider investing in search engine optimization.

These include;

  • boosting online traffic,
  • increased search engine rankings,
  • and better brand exposure.

All of these benefits add up to more visitors to your website or place of business, more sales, and more revenue. You want your visitors to come to your toy store, right?

The fact is that all toy store owners who want their website to be seen should invest in these techniques because some section of it not very difficult and can have a significant effect on your website’s traffic.

Furthermore, it is the best way to increase organic traffic, leading to more sales or whatever other benefits you are looking for from your site.

Toys Kenya Case Study

toys kenya website
Toys Kenya Website

Toys Kenya is a leading toys store located in Nairobi. The project was rather direct. They wanted to rank for the following keyword terms, ‘toys Kenya’ ‘toys in Kenya’ ‘Toys in Nairobi’ Toys Nairobi’

It was rather noting that despite them having the domian name ‘toys.co.ke,’ they were not considered in the first or second pages of Google for any of those terms.

So we did a diagnosis to find out what were the issues that affected their website. On thing we notised is that Google and other search engines was not understanding the name of the business.

This is because the brand name is also a keyword that many other companies were already dominating. The job was to make the website an authority for its brand name. This has all to do with online branding.

Internal Linking

The first step in establishing authority for a brand name is within the website. You have to make it very claer to Google that you own the brand name. One of the best ways to do this is by internal linking.

Internal linking refers to the links pointing at other pages within the website. They are meant to send users to areas of importance. They can also be used to lay more emphasis on a certain keyphrase.

Text links are easily discovered by search engines and are often the safest bet if your priority is having your content crawled. While you’re welcome to try the latest technologies, keep-in-mind that when text-based links are available and easily navigable for users, chances are that search engines can crawl your site as well. 


An ideal website structure should be such that every page should link to the other. However it is important that the links are relevant and helpful.

In our case, we wanted to emphasis to search engines that the brand name ‘Toys Kenya’ belongs to the website toys.co.ke.

Another thing we wanted to do is to make the most number of internal links to go to the homepage. This way the website authority would move to the homepage and make it appear for the desired keywords.

At the begining of the project, the most internal links went to lego categories, making the page to rank for all the keywords poorly. So our work was to reverse enginer this.

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