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Wood works and construction material business makes one of the many businesses in kenya. It therefore makes sense to want to pursue online methods to get more business. I will take you through how to do search engine optimization via a case study we did at the beginning of 2021.

Why SEO for Wood Works and Construction

Purchasing begins with research. Today in this digital age, when people need something they will definitely Google it. In the last generations, they would depend on the products listed on print media and suggestions from friends and family.

Like I mentioned, Google and other search engines provide the best information from experts in a few seconds. If you are an authority in wood works and construction, then this is a huge opportunity to make your customers find you when they begin researching.

showing pricing results on Google

People in the construction industry search for simple things such as price of material and design ideas. They also want to know who is the nearest provider of the services. That is where map optimization comes in.

Cherry Interior Case Study

seo for wood products

Cherry Interior in Kenya’s Leading Interior Finishes company based in Nairobi. They deal with wood finish materials that includes building block boards, MDF boards, particle boards, kitchen cabinets, door skins, solid door panels, kitchen accessories, wardrobe accessories, furniture, beds, and any other customized wooden finish.

When this SEO Company started working on the website in the beginning of January 2021, they were receiving close to 0 organic traffic. In fact the only traffic they were getting was coming from their brand name because it has existed for over 15 years. I was not surprised as most wood products and contruction companies in Kenya do not get online traffic despite the many years they had existed in business.

Competitor Analysis

To begin with, we established the main players in the business and audited their websites. This is important  so that we would establish what is working for them and what we could do better.

In doing so, this seo company in Nairobi came up with a strategy that would establish Cherry Interior is the leading wood works and construction company online.

Keyword Research

The main player in the field at the time of the study was merutimber.co.ke. The website was well optimized and ranked for almost all keywords related to wood works. We therefore though that we would begin by studying the keywords that they are receiving traffic from.

To do that we would use ubbersuggest to find the keywords that they rank for. There are several keyword research tools available online.

showing traffic data from merutimber
showing traffic data from merutimber.co.ke

So lets go right ahead and see which keywords are sending traffic to their website. The results are are follows.

showing merutimber, top keywords traffic and positions
showing merutimber, top keywords traffic and positions

Then we also checked the pages getting most of the traffic

showing top pages by seo for merutimber
showing top pages by seo for merutimber

From the audit above we were able to understand how best to optimize our website to achieve the results just like the competition.

Keyword research is the basis of SEO. If you neglet this step, then your goose is cooked. People use different ways to search Google. In fact, the new generation is highly dependednt on voice search.

Therefore you should have all these factors in mind when you are conducting research for your product search terms.

Website Redesign

The first thing in our strategy was to improve the website user experience. The site was loading too slow, with a broken menu.

Theme Change

Since the site was built on WordPress, we had to change the theme used. Remember that the WordPress theme used to build a website has a factor in determining the speed of the site.

It is important to have a web designer use a fast theme. In our case we had to remove the theme and install Neve theme. Neve is a FREE and Premium theme, with a lot of features that will assign with your on page optimization.

Check out the list of the fastest themes that you could use to fasten your website.

Showing a list of the fastest WordPress themes
Showing a list of the fastest WordPress themes

Website Structure

One important thing we noted is that the strongest pages of the competition that were sending traffic to the pages is the category pages. Therefore, we needed to restructure the website such that the category pages are the most important pages.

showing menu structure

In their business, we divided the products into categories as follows;

  • boards ( mdf boards, particle boards, block boards)
  • doors ( door skin, solid panel doors)
  • cabinets
  • furniture
  • Accessories
  • designs

All the important categories must appear at the header menu in order of hierarchy. Having important pages at the menu would help search engine determine which are the important pages and serve them better.

After creating category pages, it is important to add information on those pages. As we always say, content is King.

showing content on category pages.
showing content on category pages.

Internal Linking

I would dare say that internal linking is the cornerstone of onpage SEO. This is how you will be able to link the pages internally.

This concept is important as it helps point to the important pages of the website. As I had said, search engine bots want to take the least amount of time possible on a website, each time they visit.

You can check the structure of your internal links via search console.

showing internal linking structure from search console
showing internal linking structure from search console

You will realise that that most linked pages will perform better on search engines. Therefore, it was very important for us to restructure the internal links to the main category and product pages.

Once the change is implemented, it may take a few weeks for Google to realise these and make the necessary adjustments. For us, it took about two weeks to start seeing the changes in rankings.

Internal linking also a great way of adding keywords to anchor texts. This must be done with care as it may build or ruin your website.

When sending links internally it is advisabble to use exact match keywords. These are keywords that reffer to what that page is about.

showing anchor texts when internal linking
showing anchor texts when internal linking

Like in the example above, the achor text ‘ interior designer in Kenya’ goes to the homepage. That is how to use exact match keywords to help boost your website. However, remember not to have contradicting links and achor text.

What I mean is that you should not have one anchor text going to several pages. If you do that, you are confusing search engines, and thay will be able to tell which pages should be considered for that keyword.

Do not be shy to link a webpage on its own page. For example, if you have a page on MDF Boards, it would not be wrong to add internal links going to that same page within the content.

You need to understand that search engines get information about a page from anchor texts. Therefore adding keyword rich anchor texts from the same page will be adding more information to search engines, without necessarily causing a bad experience for the user.

If you are using wordpress, you may be able to achieve this by adding table of contents section in your posts and pages. tehre are several plugins to help you with this.

table of content plugins for wordpress
table of content plugins for wordpress

Products on Homepage

For an Ecommerce business, it is very important to have the most important products and categories appearing on the homepage.

Search engines, will lay more emphasis on the products placed on the top sections of the homepage. With this fact, we impelemted this when working on the website redesign.

The sales team informed us that their objective is to sell wood materials for contruction. That is why we forcussed on showing the materials ate the homepage. We had the most important product categories at the homepage.

Screen Shot 2021 10 13 at 11.29.28 AM

Also it important to add titles like ‘best seller’ ‘hottest deal’ ‘featured product’ etc to make it clear to search engines if you have offers.

This will not only improve conversion rate, but also help users reach quaick decisions.

Maps Optimization

Just like any other local business, maps optimization is an important aspect of getting online traffic. In fact, statistics show that more people who find your business via maps are more likely to convert.

showing maps resuls for local querries
showing maps resuls for local querries

To appear on the maps as above you will need to optimize both your website and Google My business listing.

The website should have pages showing the services you will want to appear for. For example in our case, the keyword is ‘MDF boards in Nairobi’. We created a page that mentions mdf boards. In this manner you stand a chance of appearing on the mapos, based on relevance.

Set Up Google My Business

showing Google My Business Login Page
showing Google My Business Login Page

Go on to Google My Business and signup or download the app. I usually find it easy to download the app and use your gmail to sign up. This will help in verification because Google will track your location and verify.

It is a simple step by step process that you should be done within a few minutes.

Before you begin, you will need to equip yourself with the following;

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Website URL
  • Business Categories
  • Interior Photos
  • Exterior Photos
  • Business Logo
  • Introduction Video

The most successful listings always have high quality images of the physical locations and products. We made sure that we had all the information filled as required.

Knowledge graph Example
Knowledge Graph Example

We took advantage of categories and description area to include keywords that are important to the business. This way, it would help build relevance.

Showing Google My business products and categories.
Showing Google My business products and categories.

As you can see from above, filling up the products with categores would help your listing appear better on search.

Once you are done with the listing, it is important to embed it within your website. This can be in the homepage, footer or about us page. Be sure to include the relevant schema markup.

To embed the map in a website, you will need to visit the map listings and find the share button.

showing Google map listing

Once you located the share button move on to the the embed section and copy that link. Feel free to readjust the size depending on where you are looking to embed the map.

Screen Shot 2021 10 13 at 2.24.53 PM
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