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From 10 years experience in Online Business, these are the main services we offer to get traffic from search.

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Search Engine Otimization

Search Engine Optimization services in Kenya involves the following. Image Optimization, Speed Optimization, Maps Optimization, Search Engine Submission, Social Network, LInkbuilding.

Are you looking for cost-effective SEO services in Kenya? ensures affordable and inexpensive ways for marketing your site. There are several online businesses in Kenya that are trying to grab the attention of the customers by optimizing their websites and increasing the reader’s visibility.

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User Experience Essentials

The only reason search engines will show your site is if it satisfies user intent. The visitor should be able to find what he needs in the least time possible.

SEO and UX are typically handled by different teams and thought of as separate initiatives. At a surface level, it makes sense; one focuses on ensuring discoverability on search engines, while the other works to build a site that provides engaging, relevant content to users. However, thinking about SEO and UX efforts in silos is a critical misstep that can cause headaches for customers, SEOs, and UX professionals alike. SEO and UX are closely intertwined and collaboration across those teams is paramount in creating a seamless experience for customers throughout their purchasing journey.

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Speed Optimization

Load speed can make or break a website. We’d all rather have a fast website than a slow website. But loading time is not just a matter of preference – it has a huge impact on a site’s success, too.


You can think of site speed as a sliding scale, where the faster sites reap the most benefits, and every second makes a difference. For example, pages that load within two seconds have an average bounce rate of 9%, while pages that load in five seconds see their bounce rates skyrocket to 38%.

60% of mobile internet users say they’ve encountered at least one problem while browsing within the last 12 months. Of those mobile users, how many have encountered a website that…

  • Was too slow to load? 73%.
  • Crashed, froze, or received an error? 51%.
  • Had formatting that was difficult to read? 48%.
  • Didn’t function as expected? 45%.
  • Simply wasn’t available? 38%.

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Google My Business Optimization

It is important to register a Google My Business Page for your business but before you go creating a new one, first check to see if Google has already created one for you by searching your business name.

Other details you can access through your business account is the ability to write review responses, submit a blog post and answer questions with direct messaging which all helps add to your business profile allowing you to easily connect to each potential customer driving more sales.

The GMB business dashboard is a powerful tool that allows you to easily connect to your customers. Here are some benefits of completing and managing your business account.

  • Know who your customers are and how they found you.
  • Understand what content is working for them.
  • Get insights to help you create the best experience possible for your customers.
  • Build a reputation that’s worth talking about. 
  • Make an impact on the world with every customer interaction.

Search Engine Optimization
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